Strategy Plus Awards 1994


Best action game Doom II
Delta V
Best animated adventure game Sam & Max Hit the Road
Alone in the Dark 2
Death Gate
Little Big Adventure
Best arcade game Lode Runner : The Legend Returns
Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time
Pinball Fantasies
Best cinema-graphic adventure Under a Killing Moon
Wrath of the Gods
Best combat simulation Earthsiege
Aces of the Deep
Armored Fist
M4 Sherman Tank Simulator
SSN-21 Seawolf
Best fantasy simulation TIE Fighter
Star Crusader
Subwar 2050
Wing Commander Armada
Best flight simulator 1942 : The Pacific Air War
Fleet Defender
Pacific Strike
Space Simulator
Best multi-character role-playing game Realms of Arkania : Star Trail
Dark Sun : Wake of the Ravager
Superhero League of Hoboken
Best single character role-playing game System Shock
The Elder Scrolls : Arena
Ultima VIII : Pagan
Best sports game Front Page Sports : Baseball '94
FIFA International Soccer
NHL Hockey 95
PGA Tour Golf 486
Ultimate Coaches Club Football
Best strategy game UFO : Enemy Unknown
Master of Magic
SimCity 2000
Best wargame Wargame Construction Set II : Tanks !
Operation Crusader
Panzer General
Tigers on the Prowl
Best game TIE Fighter
Doom II
Sam & Max Hit the Road
SimCity 2000
UFO : Enemy Unknown

Autres prix

Best hardware Formula T1
Flightstick Pro
Phoenix Flight & Weapons Control System
Pro Pedals

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