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[Biiper] Alone in the dark
00:00 In the Eye of the Storm01:20 I'm Not Afraid... I Think02:37 Alone in the Dark04:45 The Battle against Evil06:29 Terror08:32 Growing Fear12:24 Ru...

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[Biiper] Colonization
00:00 Colonization Opening01:58 Bird Song03:03 Smoke Tune04:09 Cornwall05:43 Shady Grove07:19 Fiddler?s Dance08:24 Jine the Cavarly09:33 Joe Clark10:4...

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[Biiper] Command & Conquer
00:00 Act on Instinct 02:53No Mercy 06:14 Industrial 1 09:08 Iron Fist 11:38 We Will Stop Them 15:48 Radio 18:50 On the Prowl 21:52 Re-Con 26:25 Drone...

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[Biiper] Dune
00:00 Sign of the Worm 02:52 Spice Opera 09:27 Dune Theme 15:05 Too 17:22 Sietch 18:52 Wake Up 22:25 Free Men 25:34 Water 27:20 Chani's Eyes

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[Biiper] Dune (Spice Opera)
00:00 Spice Opera 04:55 Emotion Control 09:22 Ecolove 14:30 Water 17:43 Revelation 23:51 Free Men 30:25 Wake Up 36:17 Dune Theme 41:32 Chani's Eyes 46...

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[Biiper] Lands of Lore : The Throne of Chaos
00:00 Introduction (With Speech)03:20 Choose Your Champion04:12 Victor's Theme04:51 Gladstone Forest (Southlands)06:34 Lower Opinwood08:59 Roland's Ma...

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[Biiper] Les Voyageurs du Temps
00:00 Time Travellers (Les Voyageurs du Temps) 02:41 Alien's Rock 04:49 Future Sound 06:55 Rock'n Rocket 08:57 Sweet Sensation 11:58 The Cold Ice...

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[Biiper] Outcast
00:00 Prelude00:14 Daokas03:22 Soldier's Camp10:13 Heaven On Adelpha15:16 World of Marshes18:59 Fatally Wounded19:12 Main Theme21:24 The Ancient Fores...

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[Biiper] Total Annihilation
00:00 Total Annihilation Theme01:32 Brutal Battle04:57 Fire And Ice06:13 Attack!!!08:50 Warpath10:52 The March Unto Death13:33 Ambush In the Passage16...

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[Biiper] Transport Tycoon Deluxe
00:00:00 Transport Tycoon Deluxe Theme00:02:30 Easy Driver00:06:31 Little Red Diesel00:10:28 Cruise Control00:14:07 Don't Walk!00:18:06 Fell Apart On ...

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[Biiper] Warcraft II Tides of Darkness
00:00 Human War Room00:56 Human 104:32 Human 208:06 Human 311:42 Human 415:22 Human 518:56 Human Victory19:32 Human Death20:28 Orc War Room21:53 Orc ...

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