Lifebane : Deathrights
Date de sortie
1996 ()

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Lifebane était l'oeuvre d'un studio nommé 4AM. Comme Into the Shadows, c'était un jeu de rôle entièrement en 3D mappée avec des personnages très détaillées, et une jouabilité qui privilégiait le jeu en réseau. Le projet semble avoir été abandonné en 1996. Voici ce qu'en disait le site en 1997 :

LifeBane: Deathrights is a new upcoming game from 4am Productions. This game seems to have been very much delayed. It was first supposed to be released first quarter 1996, and if one takes a look at the website it still talks about The Game of 1996. Well, as far as I know it hasn't been released yet. I'm trying to get hold of more information right now.

If all the things mentioned on the website and in the FAQ this could be a really interesting game. The game uses it's own new engine, called Bane. A few of the things mentioned (all these points are quotes from the website or the FAQ):
  • Multi-player support includes: modem, serial link, network, WWW support, and cross-connections -- network-modem-modem-serial link-www support, etc.
  • Hundreds of skills for upwards of 10 classes. If you don't want skills, and just want to kick butt, pick a Fighter class. Pure strength - pluck the head off any baddie.
  • Blood trails, guts inside characters to rip out, and more add to the darkest, bloodiest game yet!
  • True physics - everything acts naturally. Get hit with a sword, you'll cut, bleed, fall, and react perfectly natural (including yelling)
  • Features true 3-D environments, internet support, fully controllable close ranged combat, over 100 weapons, several classes, hundreds of items, interlaced levels that are set onto islands, full physics system, realtime shadows, moveable lightsources, and 3D Studio maps and characters

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