Solution de Maupiti Island
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This is the English translation of the excellent walkthrough the magazine Tilt published in its issue 100, as a fictitious interview with Jérôme Lange. It reveals all the deductions the player had to make to fully understand the plot, as well as the explanation of the riddles.

Tilt: During your research, who was the first character whose revelations sent you on an interesting trail ?
Jérôme Lange: Maguy, of course... As soon as I asked her what she had noticed on the evening of the drama, she talked about that cup of tea Maguy took every night before going to sleep. That evening, while preparing the tea, Maguy left for a moment. When she returned, the cup of tea had changed place. In the victim's room, I also noticed a suspect smell of camphorized ammonia water. There was a bottle of this narcotic in the kitchen closet. So someone had drugged Marie... But some clues did not fit this eventuality.

Tilt: What clues, for example?
J.L.: As I searched Marie's room from top to bottom, I quickly discovered that the signs of forced entry, the broken window pane for example, were only a staging. Indeed, there was broken glass in the aquarium and under the chest of drawers. Given the layout of the premises, it became obvious that the window pane had been broken from the inside, on the open window! Another strange detail was that there were no cigarette butts in the victim's ashtray and the bed was not unmade. How can we imagine that Mary drank her tea that evening without smoking a cigarette (a fact contrary to her habits) and without first going to bed? None of these discoveries corroborated anyone's statements...

Tilt: You visited every room in the house. To find out which other significant clues?
J.L.: This was really the biggest challenge of this mission. The clues were numerous and few of them actually had any real meaning. As for Anita and Anton, I didn't find anything interesting. These two characters very quickly appeared to me as strangers to the drama being played out there. On the other hand, the visit to Lucie's room was more instructive...

Tilt: A locked room, it seems...
J.L.: Yes, but whose key was in Maguy's room, hidden behind a secret hatch, behind a painting hung on the wall. In Lucie's room, the clue that struck me the most was a dark hair I found on the bed. Strange fact, since Anton had described this Lucie to me as a blonde with advantageous shapes. This Lucie became for me one of the key characters of the adventure.

Tilt: Lucie had left the island before you arrived, aboard Roy's boat, I heard...
J.L.: That's what I've been told. But very quickly, I sniffed out the drama. It's Juste who put me on the track. He discovered a blond wig on the northern beach. Then, probably frightened, he tried to destroy this evidence. It was in the stove of his house that I discovered the half-burned wig. Why did Juste want to make it disappear? I found the answer to that question later.

Tilt: It has been said in the press that Maupiti was an island of legends, that many caches had helped you to discover the truth...
J.L.: It's entirely true. To solve this puzzle, I had to decipher several messages, some of which were insignificant, some others related to the ancient presence of pirates in Maupiti. My first discovery in this sense was made in Maguy's room. It was by chance that I found a trap door there. It took me longer to open it. Actually, I finally found the corresponding key in Maguy's bedside lamp. The base unscrewed to open a subtle hiding place... The trap door then gave access to a very old cave, the lair of two famous pirates, the Vargas brothers. A fresco engraved on the wall depicted these two pirates. They were standing back to back. Between them, a skull. The signs engraved under the fresco and on either side of the two men were at first sight unreadable. However, I quickly understood the meaning of their disposition. The symmetry of the inscriptions and the fact that each side of the fret was a reflection of the other, "as seen in a mirror", gave me an idea. It was to "cut" each sign by the middle to obtain numbers arranged in a special way. I was none the wiser, but later on, this first message would take on its full meaning.

Tilt: You also discovered a list of music pieces.
J.L.: In Lucie's room, there was a hiding place too. All you had to do was move the aquarium to see it. There I discovered a list of twelve musical scores and a case. For this latter clue, two things struck me right away. First of all, the case was closed, and it aroused my professional curiosity. Then and above all, the top of the case was engraved with the motto "Jemelos y Indivisibles", or "twins and indivisibles".
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