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#MadeInFrance 07 : From Mortevielle to Maupiti

Par Hoagie 25/01/2019
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French version / version française Almost exactly one year ago, the news spread that a remake of [jeu_108,Maupiti Island] for modern platforms was in development. A website was set online a few month...

#MadeInFrance 06 : Ad Vitam Eternam

Par Hoagie 08/07/2018
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French version / version française A few months ago, [jeu_80,Eternam] became legally available on Steam and was thus accessible to a new generation of gamers who probably hadn't heard of it yet. It's...

#MadeInFrance 05 : François Coulon's interactive fictions

Par Hoagie 27/05/2018
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French version / version françaiseIn English, "interactive fiction" is a term grouping all kinds of narrative software. In France, we used to write "jeux d'aventure textuelle" ("text adventures") t...

#MadeInFrance 04 : baguettes & disquettes, an overview of the French computer gaming scene

Par Hoagie 21/01/2018
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French version / version françaiseA few days ago, the youtuber and podcaster @dosnostalgic said that the genesis of the French computer gaming scene was unfamiliar to him and wondered if there was so...

#MadeInFrance 03 : Les Guignols de l'info

Par Hoagie 01/12/2017
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French version / version françaiseIn this new post of "Made in France", we'll mention a French cultural phenomenon of the 90's, so influential we will need almost as much text to describe it as for t...

#MadeInFrance 02 : The Ulysse Zone

Par Hoagie 25/10/2017 0 commentaire

French version / version françaiseWelcome back to "Made in France", the section dedicated to French computer games you may never have heard of if you're not French (and sometimes even if you're F...

#MadeInFrance 01 : les Aventures de Moktar / Titus the Fox

Par Hoagie 29/09/2017 0 commentaire

This post is the first of a new column called "Made in France" where we'll write - in hopefully correct English - about old French computer games that may seem obscure, weird or unintelligible to fore...

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